Wildcat Beta, legal search for curious humans

Wildcat was a project to develop a legal database on UK legislation, made for humans who are not lawyers. A project to empower artists, musicians, creatives, freelancers. They need to know the law, but they don’t know how to look for the law. They don’t have a lawyer’s shaped brain (luckily). The database would have been free.

The project never saw the light and didn’t go past the preliminary research phase, because I carried out by other things.

However, I conducted a good deal of market and user research.

An important result was the survey “How do people look for legal information” (people being non-lawyers). 77 people participated in the project and, in the usual spirit of my researches, I made the results fully available.

I was trying to understand how “non lawyers” approach legal research. At the time (2014) there was some research, but not too much into this topic – a quite relevant one was carried out by the UX consultancy Bunnyfoot for designing Legislation.gov.uk

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