Legal product management

I have worked with

I’m an ex lawyer. I worked for the European Commission and for what they call a “blue chip” company, before starting my journey in legal tech, back in 2012.

I helped law firms, legal tech startups and scaleups with their product management efforts. From user research, platform design, end-to-end supervision of the development process or implementation of document automation solutions. Here’s some of the stuff I worked on:


We often use a heuristic to assess people we want to work with. It goes like this: “if they talk about her in the press, she must be good at what she does.” Sometime this heuristic is wrong, but hey. Here’s some press.
ABA Journal, “Women are squarely in the picture where law and tech combine”
Lawyernomics, “Women in legaltech defining the future of the profession”