Cognitiv+, legal document review. Smarter. Faster. Easier.

Cognitiv+ is an AI-powered document review platform that review documents and extract key legal clauses and obligations. They have been named a Gartner CLM Cool Vendor.

I’ve been with Cognitiv+ for 3 years, during which I helped with 2 main areas: building an automation system and product marketing.

Designing and building an automation system

Although I was not involved with the product management of the core AI platform, my role was an unusual technical hybrid (pretty usual for me) because I contributed to build the automation platform based on our internal CRM. This meant designing and setting up a large number of no-code or low-code automations for different use cases.

  • Automating the internal lead journey within the CRM;
  • Automating email and LinkedIn outreach;
  • Automating self-serve demo workflow;
  • Automating Capture and retargeting of inbound traffic;
  • Integrating external payment gateway with CRM using no-code tools.

An example of automation: SDR lead generation process with human in the loop

The lead generation phase is so time consuming that is better performed by someone entirely dedicated to it. The downside is that junior SDR may not have the experience to evaluate if a prospect is qualified to have a demo with the sales team. I created a workflow using Airtable to give the sales team control over the process.

The issue
  • Lead generation experts are not able to assess if a prospect is properly qualified to book a meeting (right persona, right ICP, interest in buying)
  • Sales team should retain a degree of control over the automation process. In particular, give the “green light” to the lead gen team to proceeed with booking the demo, if they assess that the prospect is qualified.
The process
  • Automate the lead generation process through any external tool – through mass mailing or LinkedIn messaging;
  • Make sure all responses flow into an Airtable Spreadsheet, enriched with name, surname, role and company of the prospects who responds;
  • Notify the sales team that an answer just came in (Slack);
  • Sales team can check the answer on Airtable and tick a dedicated column (qualified/non qualified);
  • Lead gen team gets notified that the sales team has assigned status qualified/non qualified to the prospect and can proceed with booking the meeting or drop the prospect
  • When meeting is booked, prospect flows into CRM

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