Peppercorn is a legal document automation company, the first in Europe to provide contracts in many languages. People and small enterprises make business, all over Europe, often with someone who doesn’t speak their language. They need contracts but most of the time they don’t want to spend money on a lawyer and prefer a handshake deal.  How can you give people good, affordable contracts and a good basic protection? How do you talk to people about law with a simple language and a fresh approach? Peppercorn is the place where you can make your own contract, without a lawyer and in many languages. For the cost of a peppercorn. For Peppercorn Wildcat Marketing curated the marketing and digital image in its entirety. Produced legal content (contracts) for the database; curated and managed the social media channels (Twitter alone drove 70% of the traffic); produced content for the blog; curated a weekly column on the startup magazine Startacus; curated the website copy and user experience; got excellent press coverage; ideated and directed the experiment What’s on a lawyer’s mind? with 270 participants. Peppercorn webpage Peppercorn blog Peppercorn Twitter


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