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Legal Geek is a company that organizes events for legal tech start-ups in London and San Francisco.


Legal Geek needed to update the blog with cutting-edge content on legal technology. Not many editors are well versed on what’s going on in the law tech scene. Artificial intelligence, Natural Language processing, contract automation, cloud computing for lawyers…you name it.


WildLawyer provided weekly content for the LawGeek blog, writing on Smart Contracts, Artificial Intelligence, legal implications of robots and covering the possible outcomes of Brexit on the legal tech scene. We did it with irony, trying to be informative and fun at the same time. The pieces had a huge success and received special attention on Twitter.


A.I. is dead, long live A.I. 

Some very basic stuff on smart contracts: lawyers get ready for blockchain

Shall we send robots to jail

Brexit, good or bad for legal tech in London

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April-May 2016