Legal design Jam is a format created and made popular by designer Stefania Passera. It brings together a group of motivated individuals, ideally from different fields(e.g. designers, lawyers, policy-makers, coders, innovators, business people…) to give an extreme, user-centric makeover to a target legal document.

Consumers need to access clear legal content, but very often they are put off by unclear legal jargon: either in contracts or in statutes. A Legal Design Jam is a workshop aimed at training lawyers  in order to make their language more simple. In this Jam we tackled the Codice di Comportamento dei Dipendenti Pubblici (Civil Servants’ Code of Conduct).

Wildcat helped legal innovator Giorgio Trono and designer Stefania Passera organize the first Legal Design Jam in Italy, at Talent Garden, in Milan, in February 2014. While Giorgio took care of the logistics and Stefania acted as workshop facilitator, we helped with advertising the event. We participated in the Jam ourselves.

Talent Garden Legal Design Jam


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