Doculyzer legal document visualization. Legal technology content writing

Doculyzer is a software that helps lawyers highlight and visualize the content of legal documents. The software is currently in beta.


Doculyzer is an intelligent software that dramatically reduces the time spent on reading and understanding legal documents. Think of a 30 pages contract, dense of technicalities and with a bad layout that needs to be carefully reviewed in a short time frame. Doculyzer scans, reviews and highlights the important parts of the document for you. It makes maps out of words and assists you in driving through the contract. We needed to communicate lawyers how it could make their life much easier.



The WildLawyer’s team was hired for drafting the website copy, underlining the issues of traditional legal revision and pointing out how Doculyzer could enhance the review of legal documents. Keeping in mind that it’s a complex software with a lot of features, we needed to make complexity easy.¬†


Doculyzer beta page


March 2016