Crowdjustice. Wildcat provided CrowdJustice with legal content.

CrowdJustice is a crowdfunding platform for legal actions. They needed expert copywriting for their blog and their website.


CrowdJustice audience is two-fold: lawyers and non-lawyers. They needed to explain users -both lawyers and non-lawyers – how to use the platform. Some of their users have only basic digital skills so the task was particularly challenging.


WildLawyer drafted 2 user guides -one for lawyers and one for non-lawyers – explaining how to use the platform and filling them up with tips to run a successfull crowdfunding campaign. We also wrote a weekly post for the blog called “The CrowdJustice weekly roundup” and produced content for the founder’s Linkedin page.


The CrowdJustice weekly roundup



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April-May 2016