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Cambiamo il Diritto (Let’s change the law, in Italian) is a law firm with an alternative structure, the first of a kind in Italy.

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The founders of Cambiamo il Diritto wanted to launch a new lean law firm replicating the model of Axiom Law, Keystone Lawyers, Lawyers on Demand. The firm aimed at providing quality legal advice at affordable price, eliminating fixed costs and using technology and outsourcing to streamline the process. The founders also wanted to add irony to the whole formula, changing the traditional association that equals lawyers with boring language. In the first phase, we focused on helping Cambiamo il Diritto recruit its staff.


WildLawyer did everything that needed to be done. We created the branding for the project, designed the logo, developed a website, curated the copy for the website and started the recruiting campaign. One of the requests of the founders was avoiding the traditional media outlets and job search engines (Monster etc.). For this reason we relied totally on Facebook and Twitter. The aim was eliciting a reaction through a provocative copy. The results were astounding: the traditionally innovation averse Italian legal community answered with enthusiasm. The project is still ongoing.

cambiamo il diritto, legal marketing, legal design

Cambiamo il diritto main page: a slider scrolling the words “gli avvocati sono…noiosi, troppi, troppo cari” (lawyers are…boring, too many, too expensive)

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Cambiamo il Diritto website


June 2016