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User Research

We help you understand how your audience uses and feels about your legal services. 


Digital marketing

We design and implement digital marketing strategies for lawyers and firms. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SEO. You name it. 


We organize events and training sessions to help you stay updated with legal technology, legal innovation and legal design. 



We design your legal brand and create all the graphic collaterals. 


Web Design

We build and improve your boring legal website and make it easy to retrieve.



We specialize in storytelling and write engaging legal and legal technology content, making complexity simple.


Who said that law must be boring? Have a look at what we do.

We are the one-stop-shop for lawyers, law firms and legal startups. We take care of everything, from building or rebuilding your website, designing your logo and all the graphic collaterals, creating engaging legal content for your blog or newsletter, organizing innovative events (did you hear about Legal Design?), curating your social media marketing and making your firm innovative through technology (we know the legal tech scene inside out).

Did  we forget anything? Ah yes, we do it with a lot of irony.


Good legal content we said…

It’s difficult to find legal content which is easy to read and engaging and at the same time accurate. It’s even more difficult to find someone who knows the legal technology, legal innovation and legal design scene inside out. We do, and published a lot of excellent content. Some of our articles were featured on scientific  journals (one of our papers is among the recommended readings of the course “The Future of Legal Practice” taught by Richard Moorhead at the University Central London!). We also wrote a book chapter on Legal Design which was published this year in France by Larcier.

This is a partial list of the material we wrote. We wrote for Larcier, Legal Futures, Cornell University’s VoxPopuLII, LegalGeek and many others.

Legal technology 

Legal technology articles we wrote for Legal Geek
Legal design ou design du droit, révolution copernicienne de l’information juridique with Olivia Zarcate, on Communication Juridique et Judiciaire, Larcier, December 2015 [book chapter];
Law, Design, and the NYC Subway on Newtons Legal, September 2015
Beautiful Law: how design and visualisation can make law simpler, useful and even fascinating on Legal Futures, January 2015
Taxonomies make the law, will folksonomies change it? on VoxPopuLII, April 2013. This paper is among the recommended readings of the course “The Future of Legal Practice” taught by Richard Moorhead at the University Central London
What is legal architecture and why I call myself a legal architect on Legal Half Hour, May 2014;
Le Startups legali. Cambiare il diritto per cambiare il mondo on Legal Pad, June 2013;

Other legal topics

We wrote for the legal startup CrowdJustice;
WildLawyer has been a monthly columnist on Startacus, a UK Community for Startups, where we wrote on legal stuff made easy;
The truth about food labelling on L’Anglophone, October 2010.
Hard Code Now? on SSRN, May 2010;
Hard Code Now? Prospettive critiche di un codice civile europeo on Jura Gentium, May 2010.
On the challenges of the (feminist) civil organizations after the regime change, on TNT E-Journal, 2014
Fashionable New York City: Girls’ American Dream, American Girls’ Dream, Dream Girls’ America? English Language & Literatures in English Conference Papers, 2014
The role of the female author in literature education at Hungarian secondary schools, on TNT E-Journal, 2012
A Critique of Post-Feminism on AMERICANA E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary, 2011


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