We help you fail. Fast.*

Now that I got your attention, let me explain.

I have worked with

The issue

Startups fail often. That’s a fact.

Failure depends on a number of factors. Randomness is the first.
Talent, good product and good strategy count less than entrepreneurs like to think. 
Failure is seen as something to avoid, rather than a method to pursue.

The solution

To make good decisions, we need to avoid bad ones.

We learn through failure. I help you tinker, detect failure early and iterate.
We test new marketing or design solutions. Until we find what works.
I steer you toward good decisions. 

If you “have optionality,” you don’t have much need for what is commonly called intelligence, knowledge, insight, skills, and these complicated things that take place in our brain cells. For you don’t have to be right that often. All you need is the wisdom to not do unintelligent things to hurt yourself (some acts of omission) and recognize favorable outcomes when they occur. (The key is that your assessment doesn’t need to be made beforehand, only after the outcome.)

Nassim Taleb


Of course we start from strategy and a solid plan. But strategy is also overrated – in USSR they had 10 years strategic plans and we know how it went.


We decide the things you need to do to sell your product. This is tactics, a generally looked upon skill. I like to call it “the machine of possible things”.


We start implementing the plan. We try, tinker, measure results through very few KPIs, only the ones that makes sense for your use case. Also, I don’t like acronyms. Then we detect where we are doing it wrong or right.


We do that again and again. Leaving things that don’t work, pursuing things that work.